N.BThese regulations are identical for all International Paella Competition semi-finals and Sueca.

01 / Any professional chef, cooking at national or international levels, may compete in the competition.
Each chef must represent a professional cooking establishment, e.g restaurant or registered catering business.
The business must be established and evidence of this must be presented to the committee. (ABN, ACN, Registration number, website etc)

02 / The Competition has a maximum of 15 contestants.

03 / The chef may be accompanied by an assistant and the assistant details are to be
provided on the official application form. The assistant may be changed at a later stage.

04 / The contestants will prepare a Valencian Paella of 15 servings, according to the recipe established by the
Organising Committee of the International Contest of Paella Valenciana, and endorsed by the
Society of Master Chefs of the Valencian Community.

05 / The purpose of the contest is to raise the standards and restore to the highest quality of
preparation and cooking of the authentic Valencian Paella, as well as creating a greater awareness
and recognition of the Valencian Paella internationally. Following the contest participating restaurants
who prepare Paella Valenciana and have this on their menus, we request that the
Valencian paella be prepared according the recipe used for the contest.

06 / The competition will take place Josef Chromy Winery  360 Relbia Rd Relbia

07 / The participating chefs must wear the regulation chef’s uniforms of their food business,
nationality or country the chef represents. They may make reference to this by an embroidered logo or
labeling on the uniform. Full and clear identification the business the chef represents
is essential during the preparation of the Valencian paella. i.e banner.

08 /The prizes available are the following:

First Prize: Gold medal: Invitación to compete in the 58th Concurso Internacional de Paella Valenciana, de Sueca,Valencia.
$1200 cash and up to 4 days full accommodation   in Sueca for the contest 16  September 2018. Total value 2000.00

2nd Prize: Silver medal: $800 cash and an Invitation to compete in the 58th Concurso Internacional de Paella Valenciana, de Sueca,
Valencia and up to 4 days full accommodation in Sueca for the contest. 16  September 2018. Total value 1800.00

3rd Prize. Bronze Medal:  Full paella kit , burner barbacoa, pan 

09 All contestants will receive a certificate and trophy of participation

10 / The Jury will grant the awards and consist of up to5  members.
They will be appointed from qualified and prominent chefs and representatives from the world of gastronomy.

11/ The composition of the jury will be made public prior to the start of the contest.
The decision of the jury is final.

12 / The jury will score the quality of the paella by the following criteria:
a) the cooking of rice, b) taste, c) colour, d) symmetry of the ingredients and e) socarrat .

13 / Disqualification will be automatic should it be discovered that the paella contains some ingredient
other than the formula submitted by the Sueca Committee.

14 / The paella will be prepared cooked and finished in the prescribed time and will at the conclusion of cooking
be presented to the jury for adjudication

15 / Preparation will commence at 10 am and ingredients will be issued to each contestant between 10-11am.
Cooking will commence at 12pm At 1.30pm a 15 minute warning will be given.
By 1.45pm cooking stops and the paella must be finished
ready to be taken for adjudication at 2pm. Winners will be announced at 3pm.

16 / In order that all the contestants compete under the same conditions
the Competition Committee will provide each Chef with the following ingredients:

  • 2 kilos Valencian Bomba rice, Arroz Tartana

  • 1 litre Olive Oil

  • 4 dozen snails (prepared and frozen)

  • 1.500 kg green beans, 500g of favela, (soft grain beans)
  • and 1 kg of lima (broad beans or white kidney beans)

  • 1 kg of tomatoes

  • 1 head of garlic

  • 1 packet of Saffron (1g)

  • 1 packet of Saffron powder

  • 2 Chickens

  • 2 Rabbits

  • Sea Salt and water

  • 1 tin of Spanish paprika.

17 / The following equipment will be supplied by Garcima:

  • 1 paella pan of 70 cm in diameter

  • 1 paellero gas ring and gas bottle.

  • 1 stainless steel Valencian skimmer (spoon)

  • Other items: Tomato grater and 2 chopping boards.

The contestants can provide their own utensils and equipment if they wish.
Chefs will be expected to bring their own knives and containers.

18 / The entry fee is $350.00

19 / Any dispute or question that may arise during the competition and is not specified or covered in these rules,
shall be resolved by the Competition Committee.

20 / The agreement to participate in this contest in this contest
implies full acceptance of the regulations and the decisions of the Competition Committee.


Bank Account to pay Entry Fee: 350.00 

Commonwealth Bank

BSB    063 - 097

Account No. 1113 2531

  • 400 gr. de arroz de Sueca
  • 800 gr. de pollo
  • 400 gr. de conejo
  • 1 docena docena de “vaquetes” (caracoles)
  • 400 gr. de garrofón
  • 150 gr. de tavella
  • 300 gr. de judías
  • aceite de oliva
  • 1 diente de ajo pelado y picado
  • 1 tomate maduro triturado
  • 1 cucharada de pimentón
  • azafran en hebras, sal, ramita de romero (optativa)

The Competiton Committee will send to all chefs the entry form, and relevant details and these maybe returned with relevant documents by either:


35 Goderich St, Longford, Tasmania, AUS 7301

To see an instruction video of the preparation the Valencian Paella by
La Granja restaurant or Jesus Melero follow this link
and click on videos. Information and updates can be found online at:

For all direct enquiries contact: Edrick Corban-Banks

EMAIL:  edrickcb@icloud.com
MOBILE: 0400 296 777

56th International Paella Competition Pacific Semi Final Tasmania 2016 Contact: 0473 917 744